Friday, August 31, 2007

Congratulations to Marilyn and Iride

It's graduation time again, and the IDC celebrates Marilyn Lennon, PhD and Iride Bartolucci, MSc by research. Congrats to Iride and Marilyn on their achievement!





Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dawn 2007 Opening on Monday

DAWN’07 - DIGITAL ARTS WEEK NOW 2007 at UL, 3rd o 7th of September 2007
For the eight year in a row, the University of Limerick offers an exhibition and concert of Masters’ student work. It’s the students from the Masters programmes in Music Technology and Interactive Media that showcase their end-of-year work. The exhibition shows technology, media and music that may be the start of tomorrow’s revolution. With the freedom given to the students to envisage where current trends are going and what is possible with the latest computer hardware and software, we have the opportunity to see demonstrations and examples of what a not too distant future has to offer.
The Computer Science and Information Systems Department at the University of Limerick runs both programmes. What makes UL’s programmes so special is that they recognise the importance of interdisciplinary work, bridging traditional divisions between arts and science.
The faculty at UL teaching on the two programmes are highly enthusiastic about the exhbition. For example:
Jürgen Simpson, the Course Director of the Music Technology programme said “This is the one of the few programmes in Ireland where you can get a Masters degree in electroacoustic music composition. Some students also choose a scientific approach and do work in areas such as musical user interfaces, sound synthesis software and audio processing – which we know are increasingly important with the evolution of music and media on the Internet”.
Mikael Fernström, the Course Director in Interactive Media enthusiastically commented that “Over the last few years we have seen our students research and develop some extremely novel ideas and technologies. Some of our past students have started companies based on their ideas, others have become specialists or teachers in both technology and digital art. I have a strong feeling that many of this year’s projects may follow the same successful path.“
UL also has two undergraduate programmes, in Digital Media Design and in Music Media and Performance Technology. The Computer Science department has built a new laboratory with state-of-the-art digital music and media equipment and software to facilitate the new courses that will continue to strengthen UL’s position in an increasingly digital world.

Admission to the exhibition and to the concert is free.
Official opening: 18:00, 3rd of September, Ground floor atrium, Foundation Building.
Concert: 20:00, Performance Art Centre, Foundation Building
Exhibition: 3rd to 7th of September, 10:00-17:00, Shuman Building
For details about the works, see

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bridget Hickey

Bridget Hickey is dead. She graduated with a 2.1 in last year's (2006)Masters programme in Interactive Media. She was last seen alive the 7th of August. She was found dead the 16th of August. Her course web site is still there. May she rest in peace.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Summer guests in the IDC

Today we had not one, but two guests in the IDC. Both also gave talks at UL(organised in association with the CSCoP).

Michael Kölling from the University of Kent and Alexander Troussov, the Chief Scientist of the IBM Dublin Center for Advanced Studies visited the IDC this afternoon, after giving two extremely interesting talks at UL in the morning. Details on the talks can be found on the socGSD project blog.

Liam himself (just back from the Ferroe Islands) guided the guests in "the grand tour" of the IDC.
Future collaboration opportunities were also discussed.