Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Man of the Day (or possibly, the Year)

The man I'm writing about is Michael Cooke. We spent over a year on a fecking silly experiment that we designed really well (inspired by some US wanker pseudo-scientists) to show perceptual multimodal effects. Most of us (faculty) had a look at the resulting data and said "Hey this looks promising". None of us took the time to really work through the data and do the statistics propely.
Mike did.
Thanks! You've probably saved the project. We have statistical significance left, right and centre and we can probably write at least two good papers based on this.
Michael, you earned your place. Keep going. Please keep us on the straight and narrow. Please tell me to bugger off if I'm too bad.


ian0 said...

Ah, didn't I always say he was great!

ian0 said...

By the way, the VC may be coming! Thankfully, we're not in Saigon, so it can mean only one thing: the Venture Capitalists may have finally done something! However, I shall still just wait and see, the champagne has been on ice as long as that neanderthal they discovered in a glacier on National Geographic Channel. Poor sod! Still, it could have been worse, he could have been on Time Team. Reminds me of Eddie Izzard's Speed Archaeology show, using a JCB and dynamite to discover a sword in 20 seconds. To all of you in the IDC, much crossing of fingers, but I may yet be back to blight your tranquil lives with my sublime presence (not subliming presence, though. Changing from solid to gas without passing through a liquid stage is beyond even my powers, although Michael Cooke could probably (ha! statistics joke!) manage it).

cyberviking said...

Ian. Hope is what keeps us going. I had a meeting today with Justin and yet another investor. things are OK. We have a seat and a computer reserved for you. Please try to hold your gasses.