Wednesday, January 25, 2006

IDC Poll 25 January 2006: Movies and Celebrities

Looks like the IDC people are up there with A-B-C and D list celebrities, and have featured in a number of movies!

Appearances of IDC folks can be found in "Braveheart", "Michael Collins" (which also features Daniel's coat), and "a low-budget movie while Summering in the Hamptons in 1998". The wonderful walking skills of IDC people were also put to use in "walking past in the background" scenes in two German films (unknown titles) in Berlin 2000, and in a "people strolling down the street" scene for "Law & Order" in 2005.

Besides the silver screen and TV appearances, the world of theatre has been invaded by an IDC presence. Dr. Gabriela Avram recounts: " I had a part in a theater play when I was 6. I played about 30 times on a real stage (Timisoara National Theatre), with top class actors, in an excellent play. I was impersonating the daughter of a famous Romanian writer, and I was chosen not because I was cute or smart, but because I had the same name as hers!"

As for celebrity sightings, the juicy list includes: Madonna, Mel Gibson, Nicky from Westlife (met by Darragh at one of their concerts), Ian Dempsey, Alan Rickman, Bertie, Prince Albert (ask Tony), Thandie Newton (ER, "Crash", "Mission: Impossible II"), Jewel Staite (Kaylee from Firefly/Serenity), Faye Dunaway (Gabriela thinks it was her) Bill Gaver, Liam Bannon and Mikael Fernström (met by several IDC members in a number of occasions).

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