Monday, June 28, 2004

Language & music

This is a post on slashdot about the relationship between language and music, seems to give some pointers as to why tonal music makes more sense than atonal (the author thinks its structure matches that of language more closely I think...).

slashdot post

For actual research paper


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cyberviking said...

I disagree! I think it's more about narrative and allowing the listener's brain to "anchor" its current experience in existing knowledge (past experience which hopefully has been found meaningful). There are some similarities with language, though. As both language and music use the same )most of the time!) channels, we're relying on the same, or similar, parsing processes. One of my favourite books, in this sense ;-), is Barabara Fluckiger's "Sound Design". She defines the use of the USO (Unidentified Sounding Object) as used in film.
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