Tuesday, June 15, 2004

MS SenseCam

A new camera from the MS Cambridge Labs packages a small digital camera with a package of sensors. It takes a snap every time a change in ambient conditions is detected (temperature, movement, light) - and stores 2000 pics on a 128Mb flash card.

One of the possible uses mentioned is that of a visual blog (which considering the amount of self-indulgent navel gazing which constitutes 99% of blog entries...may not neccessarily be a good thing) and as an aid for people suffering from memory loss.

It strikes me that it would also (when combined with a voice activated microphone) be a useful ethnographical tool.

1 comment:

cyberviking said...

Uh, Oh. Navel gazing, you say. When I want to watch navels, I normally look at other people's navels. What kind of blogs are you reading?
The main problem with them new cam is that it's from Microsoft (The Evil Empire). I can imagine a number of very sinister ways to use this technology...
And, mind you, in Iraq they are not even allowed to use camera phones anymore!