Monday, November 15, 2004

A toast to Tony's success

Long-term IDC member Tony Hall successfully defended his thesis today and was awarded the PhD!
Tony's thesis is entitled "Disappearing technology, emerging interactivity: A study of the design of novel computing to enhance children's learning experience in museums", and deals with the application of a framework inspired by Interaction Design practice to the development of educational museum exhibitions.
Tony's external examiner was Dr Lydia Plowman from Stirling University. Dr Eamonn McQuade was the internal examiner.
Congratulations to Dr. Tony Hall on his success!


cyberviking said...

Lui has said it all, but as we're supposed to write and we eventually become compusory writers I guess I'm doing this.
Tony! Congrats! Well Done! I'm delighted you survived the writing, amendments, and viva.
We are proud to know Dr. Tony Hall.
(Up Munster!)

Joan Collins said...
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Tony said...

Hi all, and thanks for a great party on Saturday night, to celebrate the viva and final submission of the thesis. It was the perfect ending to a perfect week!! I guess I was very nervous on the morning of the defence but it all worked out well, and I enjoyed the discussion and greatly appreciate the feedback from my examiners. And thanks for all the cool presents, Bill McLaren's Autobiography (thanks Liam!!); the collected Monty Python (Cheers Lui, Mike and Anne!!); and Mikael's ingeniuous "Archaeological Multimedia Learning Kit". Rugby, comedy and Sinatra/Darin . . will keep me busy for months to come!!! Thanks everyone!!! Tony