Friday, January 28, 2005

Have you stopped typing?

What's happened to our, normally, dynamic group? I've checked your personal blogs (no action) and this one has gone stale. We should be trashing out current issues here!
- The move to new building.
- New curricula
- Will you get paid next month
- Writing new exciting proposals
- Finding new truths
As I'm kind of off-campus a lot, I look at IDC web activities and see, very little. What's happening?


cyberviking said...

I'm thinking about putting up a web cam overlooking the Plassey House Lawn, upstream the Shannon, that we can grab from IDC web site. It's a nice view!

Lui said...

I have been marking exams, writing papers, working on the new curriculum, doing observations for Shared Worlds and helping to organise the Convivio teachers workshop (and I'm sre I'm forgetting something...).
Am I excused???

cyberviking said...

I've been working on both the same and other things. And I'm not happy with the few scribbles I've done.
My latest mental note about missing things (after walking through the building on Friday) is blinds, especiialy in conference rooms (projectors don;t work well with daylight).
Still no swipe card locks, glass doors to Anne's office and left-hand conf room.
Still mysterious pipes sticking up the floor in the proto lab.
Where will we put a fridge?